An automation platform for everybody

Build robots to run your repetitive, time-consuming tasks while you get on with the high-value work.


Build workflows for all your regular tasks

Whether it's the simple process of cropping a collection of assets for various different channels, or more administrative tasks such as scheduling social media posts, hours are wasted every day on work that is less than creative.

With Stylus you can automate that work by setting up workflows to perform those uncreative tasks for you.

Best of all? We will build the workflows for you!

Schedule them to run automatically

Once set up, assign your workflows to robots and set a schedule for them to execute the tasks as often as you need. Workflows can be run daily, weekly, monthly or even every few minutes.

You can also run flows manually on an ad-hoc basis.

Build a team of digital robots

Create a fully customizable team of robots and assign workflows to them. Organize them and name them however you want. Extend your human workforce and free your people to focus on what they're best at.

Track the time and cost savings

Stylus keeps track of the total time saved each time an execution is run, and makes an aggregate estimate of ROI in real monetary terms.

Build from hundreds of components

Our ever-expanding library of pre-built workflow components offer an extensive range of functionality, from third party platform integrations to proprietary A.I. engines. We can also build custom components to plug any gaps, allowing us to satisfy any use case.

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