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Huge Firedrop for Android Update!

by James

Posted on November 29, 2017

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We have finished development on our Android app and have released it in the Play Store - With a whole host of new features, fixes and improvements this update takes Firedrop to the next level!

New Features

Full Backup Feature

Backing up your entire device is now as easy as the click of a button. This will automatically run for first time users. If you have used the app before, simply select the Backup Data option from the navigation drawer. You will be greeted with the option to automatically find files of a certain type, such as images, videos and documents, be given a list of files ready to be uploaded to approve or remove and then simply touch the upload button - All files will be backed up to the cloud in the background. Voila!

User to User sharing

Our aim is to be the social cloud storage service. Our first step in that direction is direct user to user file sharing. Share a file instantly with another Firedrop member, and they will be sent an android notification showing them you have just sent them a file which they can access directly by touching the notification or viewing their 'Shared with me' folder.


We have added a favorites section which displays all of your starred files for easy access

Trash Can

The trash can has been completely revamped. Instead of permenantly erasing your files, We now store them in your trash, where they can be restored at any time or permanently erased if you want to free up some space.

Document Preview

You can now directly preview your PDF documents directly from the cloud. We have also added functionality to use our document viewer for PDF files all over the web.

Video Streaming

Direct video streaming has now been implemented to our App. We have created a sleek new media player which communicates directly with our file servers to deliver smooth, native video streaming on the go!

In App File Preview

You can now preview public files directly in the Firedrop app, which utilities all our new features such as video streaming, document preview, image preview and another new feature which is...

Copy to Cloud

You can now copy files from shared Firedrop links directly to your cloud space, saving you time and bandwidth.


Images and Galleries

Image thumbnails now load much, much faster and sliding between images in your galleries has improved tenfold utilising the power of the Nginx web server.

Upload & Download Speeds

We have completely redone the way we serve and accept files for our Android users. The improvements have seen file transfer speeds max out all of our superfast connections! This again, was aided by the lightning fast Nginx server.

Floating Action Menu

We have updated the look of the floating action menu to be clearer, more usable and overall, much prettier to look at.

File Transfers

File transfers are now removed from the complicated list view, and congregated as one whole action in the status bar. You will be shown a simple overall progress bar and notified when actions are complete.


Various fixes which caused crashing and timeouts due to uploading many items at once.

We are very proud of this release and hope our users are as happy with the release as we are. Grab the update from the Play Store today!
We would also love to hear your feedback - Just open a ticket and let us know what you think. If you have any suggestions we cant wait to hear them and get them ready for our next update!

Warm Regards,

The Firedrop Team

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