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Firedrop Launches Internet Security Service IPFend

by James

Posted on October 4, 2016

Tags: ipfend security vpn networking proxy

Firedrop is proud to announce the official launch of IPFend, an Internet Security company based on safeguarding your privacy through the use of VPN's (Virtual Private Networks)

The internet is getting a very fragile place right now. Every multinational corporation wants to know everything about you and all the big websites you use sell it to them. We think it's time for this to change.

Using an IPFend VPN, your data is no longer tracked, traced or collected because you are kept comfortable within our secure bubble. Not only is your privacy protected, your whereabouts online are kept under wraps - meaning any potential hackers will have a very hard time trying to find you.

It's clear this is how things should have been when it comes to the internet, however, with the abundance of data available and the means of selling it for profit - Your privacy had to take a backseat. Not anymore. Get back in the drivers seat with IPFend.

Currently, we have a robust network of 10Gbps VPN servers ready for service, but what's more exciting are our future plans for a fully-fledged suite of online security features! Watch this space!

Best Regards,
The Firedrop Team