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First Birthday! New Features!

by James

Posted on June 4, 2016

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Firedrop has come a long way since it first graced your browser windows - in fact, we are just celebrating our first birthday! This blog post highlights a few of the changes that have recently been implemented

Copy File Feature
You can now copy and duplicate files directly in your cloud storage - this is great if your colleagues are sharing an entire folder with you and you want to keep a copy of a file for your records.

Folders in the cloud window
After many requests from user feedback, Folders are now displayed in the main view - making it much easier to navigate and sort your data. Move your files between folders by simply dragging them to your desired directory. We think they look pretty cool, too!

Download entire directories
Another big request was downloading entire folders, so we implemented a feature, currently for Pro and Business accounts, that archives all of the files in a given directory and then lets you download the archive directly. Nice and easy!

Better Navigation
Navigation is a big deal, especially if you have a lot of folders and sub folders! So we made it even easier - you can now use your browser back and forward buttons to navigate through your could space. It also remembers where you last were when you come back - so you don't have to!

Firedrop User to User Share
This is a very big new feature which we are very pleased with.
Firedrop user to user share allows you to directly share files and entire directories with other Firedrop users.
The shared content will appear in the new 'Shared with me' page, which you may have noticed appear in your cloud space recently!
With this feature (and future features!) we have focused on social aspects, to make Firedrop a more personal experience. You will get notifications from your friends along with details such as their names and avatars on content which has been shared with you.
We think this is key for a better service and what really sets us apart from the rest!

Media Center Focus
We like to be a little more unique than your average cloud storage provider, that's why one of our main goals is focusing on cloud media center storage, examples of this are our Kodi cloud media storage application, which now fully supports user-to-user shared files and folders!

Public Link Access
We have reinforced our security with regards to public links for shared content. Previously, there was no option to disable this and that anyone knowing these links could gain access. This has been completely overhauled and now folders are locked by default and public link access can be turned off. You will find the options to do this in the new sharing options menu.

We are very pleased with the new updates and features and we have a lot more lined up for the future. Our aim is for a more social experience with a focus on personal media center storage. Exciting times - Stay tuned!

Best regards,

The Firedrop Team