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CDN Beta Launched!

by James

Posted on February 19, 2016

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We have finally rolled out our first stage of the Firedrop CDN system! Currently, we are the only Cloud storage service to equip our own in house content distribution service - and we are very excited to launch it today!

To put it plainly, our content distribution network pushes our servers to a location closer to you - making everything much, much faster

We have launched the beta today and will be closely monitoring the system and tweaking for maximum performance and efficiency.

Our aim is to get Firedrop subscribers connected on a global scale - With the beta, we currently have all of Europe covered and now the United States and Canada. The server nodes are located on the east coast and we aim to have central and west coast servers within the coming weeks.

Once our system has been fully stress tested, we aim to deploy servers in Asia, Australia and South America to connect the the whole world to the Firedrop experience!

We feel this is a big step forward with only more to come and we couldn't have done it without the support of our users - Thank you for being a part of Firedrop!

Kind regards,

The Firedrop Team