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How fast is too fast?

by Charlotte

Posted on October 14, 2015

Tags: updates nework servers database

We are proud to announce that over the recent months we have significantly grown our business. As a result we have taken measures to ensure the scalability of our service. Within this growth period we have assessed the needs of the business and have made great improvements to the system architecture to ensure Firedrop is futureproof.

Our webserver and fileservers have been upgraded to the latest hardware. Most excitingly of all our network has been upgraded, increasing Firedrop's speed across the board. Our development team has made sure we have fully utilised the new hardware to harness its full potential.

The database which powers Firedrop has been tweaked to be far more efficient and will remain performant in the years to come.

We have more improvements lined up for the future. Soon you can expect to see a fully fledged CDN (Content Delivery Network). This new feature will allow us to serve your data more quickly and efficiently, as we will deliver it through a server based on your geographical location, essentially delivering blazing fast streaming, downloads, and uploads wherever you are!

More on the way - watch this space!

Best wishes,

The Firedrop Team