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Houston, We are ready for lift-off!

by Chris

Posted on June 19, 2015

Tags: launch beta news updates

We are pleased to announce the beta launch of Firedrop! An innovative, exciting and versatile cloud storage system that is more efficient, reliable, secure than any of it's current competitors! Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly is the quality you receive for the price which means that you get more storage space and support for prices lower than its market rivals!

Firedrop is revolutionary in that it combines the security, reliability and efficiency of its premium-priced competitors while providing fresh new service enhancements. Moreover, our support team strives to resolve any issue or query you may have via a rapid response priority based ticket support system.

Firedrop utilises RAID 10 technology across all our file servers. This ensures that every single file is backed up so that any lost or misplaced file can be recovered and that any hardware faults our end can be healed without any data loss. Furthermore, Firedrop will soon be utilising it's own in-house CDN (Content Delivery Network) which will set us apart from the rest, ensuring that our servers around the world produce rapid upload, download and streaming speeds no matter where you may be.

We are currently in Beta testing and are therefore requesting feedback as the versatility of this exciting product means that we can implement and customise any area of our system. After all, this is all about servicing YOUR needs in the cloud!

As we expand we will be implementing an unprecedented affiliate scheme for all you budding affiliates with generous rates and re­occurring monthly payments for top conversions!

Stay tuned for further updates and exciting new features!

Best wishes,
The Firedrop Team