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We have finished development on our Android app and have released it in the Play Store -With a whole host of new features, fixes and improvements this update takes Firedrop to the next level! Read more

Firedrop is proud to announce the official launch of IPFend, an Internet Security company based on safeguarding your privacy through the use of VPN's (Virtual Private Networks) Read more

Firedrop has come a long way since it first graced your browser windows - in fact, we are just celebrating our first birthday! This blog post highlights a few of the changes that have recently been implemented Read more

February 19, 2016

We have finally rolled out our first stage of the Firedrop CDN system! Currently, we are the only Cloud storage service to equip our own in house content distribution service - and we are very excited to launch it today! Read more

An early Christmas gift! For those unfamiliar with KODI, it is a fully fledged media-center that allows you to play all media formats through a stunning user interface. And now, it's even better - We have created an addon that lets you access all your Firedrop media! Available on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android & More! Read more

October 14, 2015

We are proud to announce that over the recent months we have significantly grown our business. As a result we have taken measures to ensure the scalability of our service. Within this growth period we have assessed the needs of the business and have made great improvements to the system architecture to ensure Firedrop is futureproof. Read more

We are delighted to announce the official launch of our brand new and unprecedented affiliate program. This is an affiliate program like no other. We don't just want affiliates - we want partners. We want to keep you with us and truly make you a part of our rapidly expanding business! Read more

We are pleased to announce the beta launch of Firedrop! An innovative, exciting and versatile cloud storage system that is more efficient, reliable, secure than any of it's current competitors! Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly is the quality you receive for the price which means that you get more storage space and support for prices lower than its market rivals! Read more