Focus on your work. Automate the rest.

Build digital assistants and automated workflows that will help speed up your business's creative output, increase stakeholder acceptance and dramatically reduce the cost involved in producing creative work at scale.

Putting the "create" back into creative work

More than 50% of creative work is spent on uncreative tasks that would be better performed by robots. By releasing creative teams from those responsibilities, we unlock significant time and cost savings that can have a dramatic impact on ROI.

An automation platform for non-technical people

Our proprietary automation platform, called Stylus, consists of a modular collection of blocks that can be chained together to rapidly build custom workflows and even full scale applications.

Create a team of digital robots to manage your uncreative tasks and save you valuable time and money.

Upload image
Extract dominant colors
Detect faces
Verify against brand guidelines
Crop to multiple formats
Run automation


Our technology can be built out into sophisticated full-scale applications to solve complex business needs. Here are some examples.

Build a Custom Application

Everybody's workflow is different. Our sophisticated and modular technology stack allows us to rapidly create automation applications for your unique business needs.

Examples & Case Studies

Real life implementations

Some examples of our technology in action.

Who are we?

Firedrop was established in 2015 to solve a singular problem: how to make creative work more efficient. Since then, we have focused exclusively on the unique challenge of automating all aspects of creative production, helping businesses save millions in the process.

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